I agree. The thing about Limbaugh that sets him about those on the left is that he admits he is not a journalist. Keith Olbermann thought he was a journalist. Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, etc think they are journalists. Bill Maher seems to think he is not a comedian but more of a serious commentator.You can, however, get the news from Limbaugh but it is going to have his bias. Heck you can even get news from Jon Stewart but, like Limbaugh, Stewart admits he is not a journalist.


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On pourrait penser Ã

On pourrait penser à la Tour de Belem, qui elle aussi, est taillée dans une belle pierre qui évolue au gré des rayons de soleil… mais… non!

Wow. Terribly sad. H

Wow. Terribly sad. Have you thought to report it to someone? If I recall correctly, some of Stewart is DNR land.I think Teri’s comment, about whether or not whatever killed these trees is spreading, is a very legitimate concern.

This is exactly what

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for writing!

Je comptais bien fai

Je comptais bien faire une autre photo originale! Y a plus qu’à avoir une autre idée… J’essaierai encore, après avoir relu l’article sur le noir et blanc… c’est la partie qu’il n’a pas…

sier:Jeg gleder meg

sier:Jeg gleder meg veldig til Furuset. Og sÃ¥ gleder jeg meg til den dagen hele boka ‘Delete Scenes’ kommer ut, fra alle dine mange bøker. For de er som romaner i seg selv, mange av de smÃ¥ historiene som ikke fikk overleve i litt store…

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