Merci Zoreilles de ta visite ( tu montres enfin le bout du nez ) et de ton indulgence ( j’ai parfois honte de quelques mots ou impulsions un peu légères ). Mais si je t’ai fait sourire, c’est gagné. Moi je vais bien ; quelques soucis pour trouver le temps d’écrire et moins de confiance en ce début d’année mais ça reviendra n’est-ce pas…Bon courage à toi, pour tout, et à bientôt !


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Den er vildt nice

Den er vildt nice Jeg har kigget på den et par gange, men jeg har ikke fået den købt endnu og det behøver jeg jo heller ikke hvis jeg vinder den her Flittig følger af din super seje blog


112תולעי אדמה בעצמן פולשניות ביותר, והופכות מערכות אקולוגיות מקצה לקצה. eisenia…

Hi Dipok,We have two

Hi Dipok,We have two lists of arti­cle direc­to­ries already pub­lished. One is by Alexa rank and the other is by Google rank.I hope that this helps you.We are work­ing on another list of forums too.

Benefits of Hiring an Internet Marketing Company

Before you get started with internet marketing income you need to start connecting with your audience. Your primary goal is not just to sell products to an Internet marketer. It must make a connection with your customers or subscribers. You 'contacts with…

Made an unlined dice

Made an unlined dice bag out of leather. Love it. Was working on this design and discovered that your template is off. It states, ‘circle, 4″ diameter.’ However, your circle measures 3.75 inches. Just fyi. Love the design. Thanks…

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